Meet the Director

Dr. Nancy C. Pack serves as the director of the Alabama Public Library Service. She brings a wealth of library experience and knowledge to APLS. Her experience includes administration of public and special libraries; providing consultant services; and teaching in library educational programs. She is a life member of the American Library Association (ALA) and was elected to serve on the ALA Council as a member at large. Her leadership at the national level includes serving on various ALA committees; most recently she assisted with the establishment of the operational guidelines of the National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled, in addition, she has been on several Accreditation Teams for Library Education.

Pack believes that every city and town in the state should have access to a great public library. During her tenure at APLS, she has worked diligently to provide statewide resources to strengthen all of Alabama’s public libraries.

Her first public library visits were to a quaint courthouse basement in a rural Arkansas town. Despite the modest surroundings, the quality experiences she found there instilled her belief that libraries are excellent places to learn, explore, and examine your interests and curiosities.

While libraries have grown and expanded the services they provide over time, Pack understands that the core of what they represent remains the same:

            • Libraries fundamentally serve as a gathering place for the communities they serve
            • Libraries serve the community by providing access to an array of resource in many forms (e.g., print, digital, tactile, and streaming).

A world of possibilities awaits at your nearest public library. Plan a visit today!