Staff Directory

Want to get to know the friendly and helpful staff working at the Alabama Public Library Service? This is the place for you.

Nancy C. Pack, Director

Jessica Everingham, Assistant Director

Kelyn Ralya, Assistant Director

Katie Bailey, Library Development

Eric Bair, Information Technology

Dorothy L. Baker, Regional Library

Lee Berry, Regional Library

Vanessa Carr, Executive Secretary

Barbara Curry, Library Development

Jonathan Darby, Reference

Timothy Emmons, Regional Library

Randy Garmon, Maintenance Supervisor

Ryan Godfrey, Public Relations

Ken Herston, Library Development

Jennifer Holman, Chief Financial Officer

Lisa Harrison, Regional Library

Trevor Johnson, Information Technology

Theresa Jones, Maintenance

Alisa McLeod, Library Development

Clyde Mills, Information Technology

Jay Mims, IT Director

Rhonda Napier, Regional Library

Alex Perry, Library Development

Kedia Richardson, Maintenance

Melinda Smith, Reference

Matt Sponsler, Information Technology

Lisa Steele, Regional Library

Stephanie Taylor, Library Development

Amanda Trawick, Regional Library

Keith Walker, Administration

Andreana Webb, Finance