Nancy C. Pack’s initial response to Gov. Ivey’s letter

September 5, 2023

I would like to express my gratitude for Governor Kay Ivey’s thoughtful and considerate concern regarding the environment in Alabama's public libraries, particularly with regard to the materials available to families and children. I fully understand the importance of public libraries as vital community resources that facilitate learning and promote literacy, transcending socio-economic boundaries to offer a safe space for everyone to explore, read, and learn.

Public libraries should be spaces where parents can feel confident that their children can explore and learn. Despite the challenges posed by limited funding, most public libraries in our state do an excellent job of meeting the information needs of their communities. Alabama's public libraries will always value parental involvement in overseeing the materials their children borrow, and many libraries already have policies in place that require parental supervision when a child checks out items.

The intrinsic value of Alabama's public libraries to its citizens cannot be overstated. They are more than just buildings filled with books; they are dynamic, inclusive, and essential institutions that empower, enrich, and unite our communities.

Nancy C. Pack
Alabama Public Library Service